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Manchester Lancers

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Manchester Lancers

Manchester High School

Manchester Lancers

Manchester High School

Team News.

Team News

2.0 months ago @ 3:36PM by Eugene Bowen

Boys/ Girls Outdoor Track and Field Try-outs

Boys/ Girls Outdoor Track and Field Tryouts begin - Monday March 4th

Coaches: Gene Bowen, Allen Bayuk, Fred Bullock, Will Byrnes, Shanice Clarke, Mya Dumpson, Ryan Mathes, Celeste Hoffman, Andre Davis

Required paperwork/forms:                                                                                                                                 (Current VHSL Physical, Concussion, Insurance, Sportsmanship, VCU Medical, Cardiac Arrest)

  • You may attain forms from this website, the schools front office or Mr. Woodle's office.              No forms = No practice.

Practice Days and Times: Monday - Friday (3:30 pm - 5:30 pm)

  • We will practice outside as much as possible, regardless of the weather. Be prepared and dress for the weather.
  • Come dressed for practice, restrooms and locker rooms will be open.
  • Practice Starts at 3:30 pm Sharpe! You should be on the track ready for warm-up drills

Eligibility: You must have passed at least 5 subjects for the first semester.

Come out with a positive attitude ready to work hard at practice . Practice will not be easy!

Training shoes: Crucial. You need a good pair of training shoes to prevent your feet and legs. see a coach for advice.

Cuts: Criterion for Team Cuts

  • Athletes display a positive attitude and appropriate behavior.
  • Athletes display a strong work ethic
  • Athletes has consistent attendance and promptness to practice.
  • Athletes are coachable and cooperative.
  • Testing/Time Trial Results